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1. Patent Application Support

At our firm, we provide comprehensive assistance with patent applications. Our team of patent experts will work closely with you to develop the best strategies for obtaining patents based on your ideas and inventions. We will guide you through the application process smoothly and efficiently.
For a national entry patent application, we offer professional translation services to accurately translate your foreign patent documents into Japanese. Our team also ensures proper formatting and compliance with Japanese patent filing guidelines. Our technical experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your foreign patent application, comparing it with the corresponding domestic technical standards and requirements. We will handle all aspects of the national entry filing process, including the preparation and submission of necessary documents to the Japan Patent Office (JPO). Our experts will ensure that your application meets all legal requirements and is submitted within the specified timeframe. Our support doesn't end with the filing. We will monitor the progress of your patent application, communicate with the JPO on your behalf, and provide updates and guidance throughout the examination process.

2. Patent Search

Patent searches are crucial for assessing the validity of your patents and understanding the patent landscape within your industry. Our experts conduct thorough searches using extensive patent databases to provide you with accurate and valuable information on existing patents and related technologies, both domestically and internationally.

3. Patent Watching

We offer a comprehensive Patent Watching Service to help you stay informed and updated on the latest developments in your industry. Our service provides you with valuable insights into new patent filings, published applications, and granted patents that may impact your business.

4. Patent Infringement Investigation

If you suspect patent infringement, our firm conducts prompt and effective investigations. Our experts analyze relevant patent literature and technical information in detail to provide you with professional opinions regarding any potential infringement of your patents.

5. Trademark Registration

We offer comprehensive support for trademark registration to protect your brand identity. Our experienced team will guide you through the process of conducting trademark searches, filing applications, and managing your trademark portfolio. We ensure that your trademarks are properly protected and enforced.

6. Design Registration

Our firm also specializes in design registration to safeguard the unique visual aspects of your products. We assist you in preparing and filing design applications, conducting searches to ensure originality, and managing your design portfolio. Our goal is to secure and protect your valuable designs.

7. Opposition and Invalidity Proceedings

We assist clients in filing oppositions and participating in invalidity proceedings to challenge the validity of existing patents. Our team of experts will assess the grounds for opposition or invalidation and provide strategic guidance to protect your interests.

8. Patent Portfolio Management

We place great emphasis on managing our clients' patent portfolios. Our services include tracking important deadlines such as patent expiration and renewal procedures, as well as optimizing your patent portfolio. We also offer advice on patent licensing agreements and technology transfers.

9. Patent Litigation Support

In the event of patent-related litigation, our firm provides legal support to protect your rights. We collaborate with experienced Profiles to develop litigation strategies and prepare legal documents, ensuring your interests are safeguarded throughout the process.